What state has the most Amish?

There were total 28 states of the United States of America in 2010 that had a substantial of the Amish populace. The 2010 survey of Amish people was printed in 2012, that study was assembled by Elizabeth Cooksey, instructor of sociology, and Cory Anderson, a graduate student in rural sociology, from Ohio State University. It was appointed by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies for the United States, 2010.

New York:

New York’s have the oldest Amish disbursement which is not timeworn, but the Amish have liked migrating there in recent years. Round about 2/3 of its 50 communities did not exist previous to the year of 2000.


The 13,000 Amish people migrated from southern Michigan all the way to the Upper Peninsula 40 settlements. Centreville is one of the Wolverine State’s primary and the old Amish location.


Missouri State has around 11,000 of the Amish people. This State has presented itself a good residence for Amish to settle down; with over half its forty groups generated this millennium.


Munfordville is one of the fastest-growing Amish settlements. It is the place where around three-dozen Amish located rather than other states.


Kalona is the Hawkeye State’s largest and ancient settlement. In this state, around 1,500 of the Amish people bring into being in 1846.

Amish have assembled in two areas:

  • Southeast
  • Near Missouri border,
  • Northeast.


Over half of the population of this State is Amish people; approximately 7,000 Amish live in one community.



Two of the four major Amish settlements are in the Buckeye State which is Holmes County and Geauga County. Ohio also has the most separable solutions of 55.


Pennsylvania’s Amish population is predictable to be nearly same to Ohio’s (67,230 vs. 67,045).


Wisconsin has over double as many disbursements as Indiana (21 vs. 47). Indiana has a lot of a vast number of the communities; five of them have over 3,000 people with the greatest over 20,000. Indiana is also home to the major Swiss Amish populace.

source: spiritualtravels.info

source: spiritualtravels.info


After Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, the numbers drop off quite a bit from over the 50,000 Amish in Indiana to around 17,000 in Wisconsin. One-third of Wisconsin’s unevenly four dozen communities have been located since 2000.

According to the survey, Pennsylvania Amish are not the prominent group of U.S. Amish as most of the community thinks. The Amish have developed in as many as twenty-four states, Canada, Ohio, Indiana, Central America and Pennsylvania. The determined consideration of Amish is in Holmes and next-door counties in the northeast Ohio, about 78 miles south of Cleveland. Next, in Elkhart, there is some group of Amish people and surrounding counties in northeastern Indiana. Then there comes the Amish disbursement in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The Amish population in the U.S. statistics more than 270,000 and is rising fast, due to big family size (seven children on average) and a church-member retention rate of around 80%.

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