Where do the Amish live?

In America, Amish people live in half of the states. The communities of the Amish people could found in over half of the States of America. The population of the Amish people has increased much in North America, but at the beginning of the 20th century, it was just 5,000 people. People do recognize the Amish people from the Pennsylvania, but they could found in more of the states of the Canada. The Amish people belong to the state of the Ohio and Pennsylvania.

source: lancasterpa.com

source: lancasterpa.com`

If you want the largest communities of the Amish people then you can find them in these states which are:

  • Holmes County
  • Lancaster County
  • Pennsylvania
  • Ohio

After all these states most of the Amish people can be accessed from the states of the Indiana. You can found nearly about two-third of the population of Amish. Amish are usually associated with the Midwest, but they have the significance of population outside the region. According to the survey, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Missouri are the other states where the large population of Amish people in the Midwest.

Amish disbursements through the North America

  • Amish in the North
  • Amish in the West
  • Amish in the North

Amish in the North:

Most of the Amish have moved from the South side to the North side of the America. In North America, Amish have migrated into New York and Maine in current years. Migrants to the New York have added to the public Amish manifestation in that particular state, and have backed to make it the state with the fastest rising Amish population.

Amish in the West:

In the west, some the Amish has migrated. Most of the Amish recently established the settlements in Colorado and Montana. Amish people do have their presence in the states of Oklahoma and Kansas in these years.

Amish in the south:

Amish are also found in areas outside the Corn Belt.  Amish communities are located in the South, including in Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Mississippi, and Kentucky.  The largest southern population is found an hour’s drive south of Nashville, at Ethridge in Tennessee.  Florida is home to a different Amish settlement at Pine craft, a traditional vacation, and retirement community in Sarasota, Florida.


Amish are found in Ontario, the only Canadian province which Old Order Amish call home.  Significant settlements are located in Aylmer and Kitchener.  Ontario is a home to a substantial Team Mennonite residents.  Canada also has marks of Hutt rites primarily located in the western areas of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.


The Amish have had a long past of migration, and with growing residents. The Amish families typically have allowed six to seven children that trend will likely stay.  Not all of the Amish settlements continued.  In history, Amish populations have been originating in the unlikely locations of California, New Orleans, and Mexico.  One group founded a short-lived society in the Central American nation of Honduras.  No Old Order Amish currently live external of North America, though Beach Amish communities exist in Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

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