May 29, 2021

Landscaping; An Art And Science Of Modifying Land Resources

What is landscaping?

Landscaping is the art and talent of developing land features like flora, fauna, water bodies, terrain etc., to obtain modified features of the land area. But, landscaping cannot be done by just anyone. It requires knowledge and expertise in horticulture and requires some form of art to beautify the area.

What is horticulture?

Horticulture is a form of art required for the cultivation of plants and gardening. It is the science of developing sustainable and high-quality crops and ornamental ants. Through horticulture, you understand botany in a broader and better way. This helps to develop and have a greater connection with the plants. Horticulture landscaping results in the overall development of an area and improvement in environmental factors. Weather and lighting are an important part of the field.

Landscaping a wide term –

Landscaping is a wide term as it does not comprise of just one activity though the aim is the same to achieve a clean, beautiful and resourceful land area. It helps to build, develop and beautify an area by eliminating wild plants, cutting and reshaping the shrubs, making flower beds, making lawns, installing fountains, mowing, making seating and walking space and prepping lawns for the public. Spraying fertilizers and pesticides to maintain the quality of the plants and save them from insects and pests.

Why go for landscaping?

If you are a nature lover, landscaping is the correct field for you. You get to visit and enjoy a fresh environment that the beauty of nature has to offer you. Landscaping has many economic, social and ecological benefits like –

  • Economic – Landscaping and horticulture help in developing a better quality of plant crops and ornamental plant hence increasing the productivity capital as well as capacity. It attracts the public and helps to promote tourism. The beauty may also attract residents to build a house and enjoy the serenity. It also attracts the investors so as to do branding and promote their business in the place.

  • Social – Landscaping promotes the idea of the importance of plants and trees for a better life. It develops a sense of spirituality and gives importance to cultural values. It helps to understand and live a better quality of life.

  • Ecological – Landscaping helps to promote and preserve indigenous plants and animals. Indigenous species refer to the plants and animals found in a particular area or which are native to the place. It helps in the conservation, preservation and promotion of the environment.

Horticulture and landscaping help us to play a part and give our contribution towards the well being of the surrounding environment. Preserving nature should be the moral duty of everyone. Landscaping helps occupants, locals and communities to live in a better place. It improves the living standard and teaches the value of nature, and helps in developing skills to modify and restore a vacant place into a much resourceful one that might benefit the whole community.

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