July 2, 2020

Recent Trends In Landscaping

From wooden logs to concrete and steel, we have come a very long way to designing homes. However, change is an integral part of nature, and new trends and styles constantly emerge, and we all adapt to the same. It’s a way of life more than anything. Just like how kings needed something more than just a garden to greet the courtiers, Modern kings and queens need just more than a moat that surrounds their palaces. 

And yes, I am talking about you. If you have searched for this article about landscaping, you must know the recent trends in this modern world. For example, suppose you have all the marble and granite finishes inside your house, but you feel as if you have entered a 16th-century plot of a tasteless manner when you enter the property. 

The flower gardens, curves, and those wooden benches look like fossils in your garden. Read more below in the article to find out as to why change is necessary and what are the recent trends when it comes to landscaping.


Haven’t you seen what happens to them in the rainy season? Yes, this may sound a bit orthodox, but you need to think about this. Are lawns necessary for designing the perfect landscape? They are water hogs that clog water, and may God save you from puddles if you have uneven ground. 

Solution:- You need to work on your lawns and plant cacti and succulents, and carve pathways with rocks, mosses, and grasses if you want to keep up with the trends. This isn’t just limited to hippies and fanatical water conservationists. It’s the 21st-century trend. 


We can’t live without animals, though… Right? Why drive them away from your garden? It’s good considering the design and everything, but if there are no bees, birds, and insects in your garden, is it even a real garden?

Just throw away those chemicals and welcome the bees. A few birds and butterflies on the branches would be more aesthetic than fine cuts and curves of grasses. 

Solution:- Do you even need one? Just go and install a coop, and you would even have eggs every day. Try installing a bird fountain. Throw some bread crumbs at the base of the tree so that you can listen to the song of birds in the morning rather than eerie silence. 

 Plant the veggies!:-

You should not just eat but also plant those veggies in your garden. Imagine yourself in a garden with a part where there are plants that look like plastic replicas of what they sell in the store. Cheap, shiny, and boring. Now imagine yourself somewhere in the garden where strawberries and mulberries are hanging on the walls, which are destined for climbers. Edibles everywhere!

The fresh smell of mint and coriander leaves calms your nostrils with the perfect view of white lettuces on the ground. But, of course, you must have already understood what this means. 

Solution:- Throw the seeds of those pizza-sized tomatoes and plant some veggies. They not only beautify your garden but also make sure that you experience organic food. 


These are some trends that you need to adapt to your landscaping methods. If you have more to add on or a question regarding these trends, please feel free to comment below. Happy gardening!

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